Cheesy rolls in custom bowl
Kristen's laissez faire version of the recipe:
These are sooo good
frozen bread dough thawed
put basil pesto, parmesan cheese
in bottom of bowl
(any herbs)
cut dough into chunks
roll into balls
push cheese cube into
the center and seal
roll around in the bowl
let rise
bake at 400 about 25 mins

Kristen's editor friend's comments:
Thaw frozen bread dough.
Spread mixture of basil pesto and
     parmesan cheese in bottom of bowl.
Add your choice of herbs to this mixture.
Cut dough into chunks and roll the chunks
     into balls.
Place cheese cube (????) in center of bowl   
(Where'd you get the
cheese cube????
     and seal. (How do you seal it?)
Roll (what? Myself????) around in the bowl.
Let dough rise.